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We are working on the design and built of smart and adaptive façade solutions. The most important features of the SMART facades are their energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design. Unlike conventional facades, SMART FACADE is integrated with the HVAC system via two separate skins (channels). With the help of these narrow channels, «ventilation» air can be circulated though the facade. Building fresh air need can be met by one of the channels (inner part). And the other channel( outer part) can be used to exhaust air thrown out of the building facade. Because, smart façade has negative pressure in exhaust channel, there is no hygienic contact with the building, and no risk  regarding the bacteria growth. Therefore, air transmitted from any renewable energy sources (or any waste energy source) can be passed through this outer ; And this provides great advantages in the integration of PV panels into the building façades.

Example of usage areas are underground heat storage, BIPV technologies, evaporative cooling applications and energy efficient greenhouses.

SMART FAÇADE is a patented system (EPO). It is an innovative curtain wall, which is integrated with central heating/cooling and ventilation system.

The explanation of the Project Idea can be found at the attached file.

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