Rural Regeneration of Semi and Arid lands for Farming- H2020- RUR; TerraViva; UN; FAPEAL; Calls in 2016-2017

Created on 02 Sep 2016

H2C-I, CECA Division

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The project will develop practical, effective low-cost technologies that will increase productivity in drylands (regeneration of desert lands) while protecting these ecosystems initially for small farmers and to subsequently export the technologies, methodologies and innovation to indigenous farmers in developing regions of the world via other program ;

Given that most economies in the semi-arid regions of the world are heavily dependent on agriculture, new methods and supporting technologies are vital. This project research-for-development agenda aligns advanced desert regeneration farming ; Aiming to improve crop and livestock productivity, water productivity and application, diversified AgroForest crop production systems and creating sustainable new sources of income. Improved technologies and sustainable will be developed and disseminated. Indigenous genetic resources will be conserved, documented and utilized.

Training programs will be strengthened across national researchers, extension staff and the indigineos farmers. Perhaps most importantly, community-led participatory research approaches will be institutionalized and empowering these rural communities.

 Food Safety
 Plant Health
 Rural Development
 Social Farming
 Alternative Therapies
 International Cooperation
 Development and Cooperation
 Agricultural Biotechnology

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