PROTOPLAST ELECTRO FUSION ON SEEDLING GRAFTING LAMELLA (looking for a patent expert and a biotechnology lab)

Created on 13 Jul 2017

Ugur Sevilmis

Research Institute


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Genetic material exchange between grafting points is a proven event.

Organeller (nucleus, mitochondria or chloroplast) genetic material exchange is the driving force of this.

Intra or Inter familial grafting is possible between many crops.

We will do electrical protoplast fusion on intact living plants  grafting lines.

Two different seedlings will be grafted to each other like commercially conducted by many vegetable seedling producing companies.

Will do grafting where one will be scion and other will be stock.

After cutting seedlings from stem and conduct grafting, there will be a middle lamella where two different types of cells come across in an order in a line like in protoplast fusion.

No need for enzymatic cell wall digestion due to cutting of tissues. Cutting plant tissue from grafting line will produce naked cells without cell walls.

Different origined tissues cells will touch each other by grafting.

Then electric current will be applied to middle lamella like in lab condition protoplast fusion.

Electric pulses will fuse cell membranes positioned face to face.

Haploid seedlings with their fragmented chromosomes will have increased fusion affinity.

Advanced sucrose and nitrate starvation will accelerate fusion possibility.

Approximately 7 days are required to obtain callus and fusion of tissues in conventional grafting. This period will probably be similar or more in this technique.

Selecting an albino plant as one fusion partner will improve fusion.

Successfully fused protoplasts will contain diploid chromosomes.

This albino plant tissues in grafting line will also be indicator of fusion success: Greening of this grafting lines might be followed to observe fusion success.

Shoot of new grafted plant will be removed.

And grafting line will be fed by chemicals like used to regenerate plantlets from callus cells in lab.

By this way, this grafting line will be forced to give buds.

These buds will be fed and followed for new species detection.

New buds will be grown in sterile pot conditions.

"Electro-Protoplast-Fusion" in "Graft-Middle-Lamella" will be a Genetic Diversification Generator.

No need for complicated, expensive, highly qualified laboratory conditions and experts.

This might be a method to produce new synthetic varieties.

This may also be a method to produce disease resistant, different flavonoid containing, biofortified or nitrogen fixing varieties.

See "Nitrogen Fixing Wheat (Extended Version 1)" idea in Up2Europe for lab version of protoplast fusion.

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