Private Archives of Historical European Families and Individuals

Created on 25 Mar 2016
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Looking for Partnership

Looking for Lead Partner

Looking for Consultant

The NGO would like to participate, as PARTNER, especially in Calls-Topics addressed to the valorisation of the ARCHIVAL HERITAGE.

The NGO seeks for a Coordinator, especially from: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK. 

- The NGO would like to participate, as PARTNER, in the specific Call-Topics:  

  • CULT-COOP-09-2017 CULT-COOP-09-2017: European cultural heritage, access and analysis for a richer interpretation of the past; 
  • CULT-COOP-06-2017: Participatory approaches and social innovation in culture

- The NGO would like to participate in Projects or Funding addressed to the digitalisation of Historical Archives - Private Historical Archives.

-The NGO would like to collaborate to propose to European Institutions a specific Call addressed to give value to the PRIVATE HISTORICAL ARCHIVES OF EUROPEAN FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS.



 Cultural heritage
 Cultural Management
 Digital Culture
 Creative Europe

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