Precision Treatment using Molecular Breeding for Extrication of Hidden Potentials of Nutritional and Medicinal and Herbal Plants- PT4MB-MHP

Created on 02 Sep 2016

H2C-I Alagoas Division



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Using Medicinal Plants as CAM and as a ProBiotic- Probiotics are living bacteria and yeasts, delivered in food and drinks or as purified supplements, which are intended to help the body fend off bad bacteria and prevent infections or other problems. Probiotics are given to both treat and prevent diseases and are situated at the overlap between scientific medicine and alternative medicine. Research shows that probiotics may substitute antibiotics in a number of cases and allow for more targeted treatment.

In order to consider whether Complimentery Alternative Medicines (CAM) could be a part of the solution to the health care clhallenges and self-care options we face, it is vital to obtain a robust picture of CAM use and reliable information about its cost, safety and effectiveness in real- world settings. We need to consider how and in what ways CAM could be made available to to our citizens. We need to engage in research excellence and utilise comparative effectiveness approaches, evidence syntheses and mixed methods to obtain this data.

This project is an  Open Source innovation for Structuring, Consolidation, Strengthening and Co-operation to promote the quality, safety and effectiveness to integrate traditional and complementary medicines in national healthcare systems and for personal well-being. Antibiotic resistance is on the rise. It is time to change the way we use and develop antibiotics. There are opportunities to significantly bring down the overuse of antibiotics through innovation in health care and in agriculture as well as, an opportunity to bring novel antibiotics to market through a new collaborative business model.

This project was originally set up in the Brazilian State of Alagoas and is intended expand globally, to promote the production of horticultural arrangements located in rural areas for the production of vegetable, fruit, medicinal and herbal plants, as well as creating a network of Clinical and Personal training in the daily use of CAM and healthy-living. Precision Treatment is an opportunity to curb the overuse of a broad-spectrum of antibiotics that are fuelling the development of drug-resistance, and at the same time offers a more efficient and gentle treatment to many patients.

The project will include formal Clinical Trials producing Medical Evidence!

 Genetic Resources
 Plant Health
 Rural Development
 Alternative Therapies
 International Cooperation
 European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

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