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Association presents a sportative innovative initiative designed to help, prevent and combat violence in all areas, and to support the integration of sports and education in rescue, hence, in reformatories, prisons minors & immigrant camps to better and more appropriate and effective integration and rehabilitation of these children in society.

The proposal for the Prevention and Punishment of Violence, has the unique slogan "Mow Violence - become Team" !!

With this slogan We challenge and invite all shear players, professionals and amateurs, referees all sports and sports fans, spectators, journalists and interested personalities.

Bearing with the concept of our opening statement we will be collecting Sports Jerseys with signatures of players from Groups signing the Promise Against Violence and we call them PEACEFUL JERSEYS.

Participants in the campaign, "sacrifice" all or part of their hair ... like an act of participation as an indicator to prevent and combat violence in stadiums and with youth in general.

As in any “Challenge Event” our objective is to inundate the Social Media willingness to participate, view of the challenges, invitations of participants and willingness to appear in as many ways as possible, TV, internet, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc.
Association will present the first PEACEFUL jerseys with signatures of the Group in March 2017 in the Exhibition Hall of NOESIS Museum in Thessaloniki an online with a clever application and then travel all over Europe!!. Revenue will build or equip the premises in juvenile detention centres or reformatories, or arrange to train these young people in first aid, lifeguards, rescuers and much more, thus acquiring knowledge and creating the infrastructure for their integration into society. Team Sports can create friendships, narrow bad actions and habits, learn skills, educate rules and follow them etc!! Also keeps kids active in a good way and gives them opportunities even before learning the language to get addapted. Same as proving Fisrt aid help!

Our goal, with your support  to succeed in persuading both players, children and their parents, friends and fans to participate in this initiative and to collect jerseys from as many groups as group participating will receive a distinctive STAR.

The more STARS released, will increase those who respect healthy sport and a decrease violence & harmful episodes. This way more children will discover, through team sport activities joy of sport and the wider ;Your questions are welcome and will please us especially to hear your suggestions and ideas !!  * ASTERI in Greek language means STAR!!

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