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Gatis Spruds, Project manager - NGO Science and Innovation park

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We are looking for a project partner for The open call “Application of green industry innovation and ICT products and technologies” -

Our goal is to apply for a small grant up 10,000 - 20, 000 EUR, involving our Norway partner to support us and participated in mentioned project below: 

The “Science and Innovation Park” project implements the “My Country Beautiful” project. The aim of the project is to strengthen the sense of belonging to the youth of Latvian schools and the love for their land by implementing creative activities that are relevant to modern technical capabilities.

The target audience of the competition shall be pupils from classes 1 to 12 who will be involved in the activities of the competition, in cooperation with Latvian municipalities and city educators. The most important activity of the project is a photographic competition within which pupils are invited to take photographs of Latvia using mobile phones and photo cameras.

The submission of the tender jobs will take place on the project's website, , where pupils have the opportunity to put their images at their county, school and classroom. Visitors to the home page have the opportunity to vote for the best pictures. The best works of pupils will be produced as photo paintings and displayed in exhibitions to demonstrate to the general public. At the end of the project, photographic paintings as a gift will fall into the ownership of schools, bringing the mood of public holidays and the beauty of Latvia through the creative works of pupils in educational institutions. The production of photo paintings is funded from Latvian companies and the working group will continue to raise funds by increasing the number of photo paintings to be produced for each school.

The project working group shall ensure that all activities are carried out within the framework of the project – the involvement of pupils in the competition, the administration of the competition, the production of pupils' works, the delivery of photographic paintings to schools, the award of authors and the publicity of the competition.

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