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Created on 29 Jan 2018

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Strand: Network of towns

Identified problem: Low active citizenship at EU level.

Scope: encouraging active citizenship at EU level, through actions that lights up the advantages of civic and democratic participation.


  1. Challenge Euroscepticism among 3500 EU citizens during the project;
  2. Raise awareness regarding EU decision making process, among 3500 EU citizens, during the project;
  3. Fostering opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement among 3500 citizens during the project.

The project consists in 7 events, each one organized in different locations. Each event will have its thematic approach:

  1. Kick off meeting – first contact between partners: working session – finding new opportunities to facilitate public debate and involve the EU citizens; setting up a research method (online games, interactive survey) regarding Euroscepticism and future of Europe
  2. Challenge euroscepticism – roots, current stage and consequences; combating methods, action plan; bottom – up approach; advantages and disadvantages of EU; how does affect euroscepticism the future of Europe?
  3. The future of Europe – white paper on the future of Europe: the 5 case scenario of Europe – public debate; SWOT analysis of the white paper;
  4. EU decision making process – how about Democracy? Importance of democracy, European Parliament elections, improve critical thinking skills
  5. Challenge faced by small communities/rural environment – volunteering, active citizenship and civic participation, and exchange of good practices;
  6. Conference – what do I want from EU? Concrete achievements of EU;
  7. Follow up – project and research evaluation; what should we do from now on, setting up new collaboration methods.

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