Created on 08 Apr 2016
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The purpose of the offered project is to form the materials that are capable of retaining hydrogen both in its molecular and atomic states.

Our work experience gained during the last years shows that the best results can be achieved due to the use of radiation technologies. These technologies allow for maximum increase in the degree of nonequilibrium process of materials production, which is mandatory for nanostructures formation. We have developed and use now the ion beam-assisted deposition technology (IBAD method) for creation of thin-film hydrogen adsorbents able to store a great amount of hydrogen.  It is known that this method is based on intensive bombardment of deposited material with high energy gas ion beams, which leads to the cardinal change in the mechanisms of grain nucleation and growth. The formed nanostructures in combination with intergranular nanoporosity are ideal objects for hydrogen adsorption.

We created nanoporous compounds and studied their structural and phase changes at all the stages of film growth as well as their electrophysical, mechanical and adsorption properties. It is shown that the variation of basic parameters of the process of ion beam –assisted deposition allows for formation of pores of a different size that are filled with gases to a different degree. The adsorption capacity of pores was changed from to H2.

It should be noted that nitrogen ion bombardment during deposition provides formation of nanoporous structures and nitrides as well. Such combination gives an opportunity to simultaneously use both physical and chemical adsorption mechanisms.

The obtained results give us grounds to define the key goals of the offered project; in particular, we are looking for project partners for developing the radiation-induced technology for nanoporous structure formation and creating the effective hydrogen storages for the fuel cells. We look for opportunities to analyze our materials to the extent required for practical application. The practical application means the development of mobile power sources using hydrogen.

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