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“MarsCitizen” project is a First Person Survival simulator (with VR and Leap Motion support), which is oriented on creating maximum realistic Mars ambience by virtual environment. Players and participants will be represented in this virtual world as astronauts, who crashed on Mars planet and has a need to survive with provided tools and environment. In addition, virtual laboratory will be also available for testing user’s real prototypes and tools needed in far space or Solar system planets.

Innovation of this idea and product is in creating maximum realistic Mars ambience. In addition, give ability to people and scientists to be involved into design, creating and testing most common tools and inventions, which will be needed for colonization of Mars planet.

By using Leap Motion and Virtual Reality environment, will be gained maximum of interaction with ambience and inventions.

Driven by own created artificial intelligence, simulator will grant detailed report about body conditions, condition of using prototypes and influence of outer world on it.

Interactive laboratory will give ability to make more tests and provide better improvements to inventions, which may be useful during interacting Mars planet or outer space.

Logs and collected data will be placed to servers and this information may be useful in training of staff in serving of space stations, first Mars colonists and provide best tools for them.

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