M.A.D.E. Modular Architecture Design Element

Created on 27 Jan 2016
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MADE is a new concept of Temporary Space through which satisfy many consumer's identity today, bringing it closer to the product for a limited time. MADE meets the consumer offering temporary space flexible, interactive and useful specially designed for creating multi-sensory experiences.

Taking advantage of the versatility of Experiential Marketing, it is an advanced communication system that supports an interactive dialogue between brand and consumer.

It’s configured as a tool for the exploration of new sales experiences and new shopping experiences by combining, in relation to the needs, knowledge, persuasion, decision, test, confirmation of a product.

MADE is a new experience in marketing. It 'a modular element communicative, creative, interchangeable; MADE is flexible, interactive, adaptable, durable, removable, reversible, sustainable. 

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