Living in Harmony – Dialogue Roadmap (LH-DR)

Created on 13 Apr 2017
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In this project, we will look at what youth workers and youth support organisations and professionals in Europe need in terms of training and support in the areas of restorative justice practices, mediation and nonviolent communication in order to build their ‘capacity building’ activities so they can prevent racism and intolerance among young people and can handle conflicts that arise between them without resorting to the usual punitive measures which often result in criminalisation which then reduces their ability to get a job and participate in society.

This project will endeavour to promote knowledge and the use of “Dialogue Solutions” to combat racism and intolerance among young people and make youth workers aware of its true potential and to enhance responsibility for ensuring inclusion and integration by using a specially developed "Dialogue Road Map Tool". Social dominance theory (Sidanius & Pratto, 1999) describes how social inequalities emerge and are maintained. One aspect of the theory concerns how our beliefs affect prejudice. The theory states that individuals differ in their Social Dominance Orientation (SDO; Pratto, Sidanius, Stallworth, & Malle, 1994). People with strong SDO tend to hold such beliefs and values, and prefer such political programs that enhance and sustain clearly defined hierarchies. People with weaker SDO prefer an egalitarian society. Empirical studies have shown that SDO is one of the strongest predictors of prejudice against a wide array of target groups (Altemeyer, 1998).

We are looking for 2 Partners (i) a University to lead the Survey Work and (ii) an NGO to lead the Dissemination activities.

Contact Dr Paul Quantock for more information.

 Disadvantaged People
 Youth Workers

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