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Created on 30 Mar 2016

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Facing ICT in classroom, feeling that students feel more comfortable with technology than we are, is quite challenging for teachers. Devices such as tablets, laptops or smartphones, with multiple operating systems and thousand of apps seems to be a muddy environment to run into without help.

In this course, teachers will not only learnt useful tools to work with but the workflow itself, understanding the processes that occurs in the background.

It is also an opportunity to experience within a student´s driven learning environment, spotting possible drawbacks when designing learning content.

The scope of this course will cover all the stages in a project based learning, from research to assessment, in order to facilitate teacher´s job.

Course Programme

Day 1 (5 hours) | Research

  • Introduction to course
  • Create Google account
  • Preliminary evaluation - initial assessment
  • Evernote app - Researching tool
  • Workshop 1: Research. The student should do the research collecting links, photos, PDFs, etc. in order to have a first touch with the subject and start focusing the project.
  • Debate.
  • Workshop 2: Audiovisual preproduction stage: Research, script, organize and schedule.

Day 2 (5 hours) | Create 1

  • Collaborative work tools, such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides.
  • Images: Snapseed (photo editor), PhotoGrid (collage), Skitch (editor with integration in Evernote), Picasa and Scannable (integration with Evernote to scan documents).
  • Continue Workshop 2.

Day 3 (5 hours) | Create 2

  • Audio: WavePad (audio editor)
  • Video: Lensoo Create (whiteboard), iMovie (video editor), TedEd (creating lessons), YouTube interactive videos, and screencasting (QuickTime and Screencast-o-matic).
  • Workshop 3: Create an eBook: We will create a eBook using text, audio, images, links and video with an app called Book Creator.

Day 4 (5 hours) | Show and feedback

  • Blog: Each student will create a blog in Wordpress, a digital portfolio of his/her work. As teachers we only have to subscribe to their blog to follow their work and assess it.
  • Wiki: Collaborative tool for projects (wikispaces).
  • Sites: Students will create a site (Google Sites).
  • YouTube Channel and iTunes podcast.

Day 5 (5 hours) | Assess

  • Google Forms: We embed this form into our blog or send it via e-mail to our students and we will get instant results in a spreadsheet in Google Drive.
  • Kahoot and Socrative: Great tools to use in class. Challenge your students with interesting questions using text, images and video.

How the skills learnt can be applied in teaching work?

  1. Making more engaging and motivating activities for students.
  2. Pulsing the real state of the knowledge students have acquired.
  3. Being more effective teachers, spending more time on students rather than bureaucracy.
  4. Offering students more support on ICT.

Further details at: http://www.idevelop.es/training-courses/ict-learning-by-doing/

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