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Created on 29 Oct 2018

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TELESKILL is interested in joining a consortium targeting subtopic b) Legal, regulatory and security support, for the Call Digitasing and transforming European industry and services: digital innovation hubs and ;Deadline: 13 November 2018

Teleskill Italia is an IT engineering company established in 1999 and based in Rome, focused on the technological development of solutions, products and services for "knowledge sharing" in a network environment. The company is mainly active in the field of e-learning with the aim of making accessible to its customers the most advanced tools, methods and techniques, and  has a dynamic R&D department which often collaborates with universities, research institutions or companies; over the years it achieved recognition and co-financing for the quality and innovation of its implemented proposals in the European Projects: “Microinnovation” and “Simitur ;; and is in possession of many quality certifications, 1 Patent and 3 Trademarks.

If you are interested, please respond in the message box.

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 Open Source

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