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Created on 15 May 2017

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We are seeking geospatial academic partners with Post-Doctoral professors and Masters or PhD students looking for real world problems to solve. They are need to collect, analyse and interpret ESA Sentinel 1A, 2A, 2B, and 3A data. The current technology has only one instrumented buoy installed in each of two lakes. Two current projects need this expertise to support Northeastern Brazil:

1. The Lagoas Alagoas project is related to identifying water quality, sources of polution & sedimentation problems plus identifying appropriate interventions to save both: 

  • Mundaú Lagoon is an estuarine lagoon situated west of Maceió, the capital city of Alagoas state, in Brazil and its total area is 23 km². Sedimentation, chlorophyll-a, and raw sewage are major problems.
  • Manguaba lagoon is the largest lagoon in the state of Alagoas with 42 km². Its waters are highly polluted due to the untreated sanitary sewage and runoff sediment of the urbanized areas in the environment.

The data currently being collected is from single locations for each lagoon and will not produce the total information necessary. However, data from the Sentinel and other satellites will provide critical data to make these projects successful.

2. The second project is just beginning and is much larger in scale.  It involves data collection, imaging and supporting basic and the subsequent analysis across 9 Northeastern States of Brazil (1,561,178  km²).  Major areas of these states are becoming deserts and are no longer economically feasible for the agriculture & livestock farms which historically form the regional economic baslines.

Currently, we do not have Post Graduate or Doctoral level candidates with capabilities and interests adequate to support the necessary geospatial data collection. We do however have, computer science students who could assist in the development of Sentinel Toolkits.

We would like to explore possibilities of joint working with your students and professors to assist doing the initial collection and interpretations for Project #1.

Longer term, we could pursue University Twining, submission of H2020, RISE, and UN FAO project calls to support these and other critical projects.

Interested?  Please get in contact to discuss possibilities.

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