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Harghita Community Development Association

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If you are looking for a nonprofit partner for your project, we are open to collaborate. The team of Harghita Community Development Association from Romania has experience in KA105, KA2 and Europe for Citizens projects. Our main activity is the development and promotion of tourism. Our members are local governments.

The Harghita Community Development Association (ADI Harghita) was founded in 2009 at the initiative of the Harghita County Council and with the support of 36 local administrations.

The goal of ADI Harghita is to create and maintain long-term cooperations with the county’s local administrations and organizations working in the field of tourism, carrying out national and international projects, the purpose of which is to improve tourism, as well as maintain culture and the environment. At the same time, the association’s goal is also to protect the environment, popularize the county’s tourism, as well as launching services pertaining to the development of these.

Main activities:

- development and popularization of tourism (facilitating access to development possibilities for operators within the field of tourism; improving institutional frameworks in the tourism sector; organizing fairs, exhibits, tourism conferences; creating publications; participating in thematic projects (e. g. Mary’s Way), and popularizing religious and cultural tourism, etc.)
- management of protected areas (doing studies, research; administration of protected areas; development of programs and projects in the field of sustainable tourism)

Since 2018, ADI Harghita also holds conferences and training courses to help the work, information and development of workers in the field of tourism, as well as people interested in tourism.

 Sustainable Tourism
 Cultural heritage
 Culture and Development
 Digital Culture

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