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Created on 09 Feb 2017

The most mining region in Slovenia covers three municipalities (Hrastnik, Trbovlje and Zagorje). Their economic boom started 200 years ago, with the development of coal mining industry. After two centuries, the region has faced with the end of the industrial area, which has given a significant mark to the landscape, people, cuisine and lifestyle. Mining has become a side-line of economic development in Zasavje, and also in Europe in general. The towns which arose after the industrial revolution and developed rich mining activity, have been recently forced to seek new paths and new opportunities. Migrations, tourism, labour movement and significant changes of cultural landscape have left permanent mark in those cities regarding to 200 years of mining history. And now, after two centuries, we are at the crossroad again. Towns, marked by the mining impact, face challenges of finding new branches like tourism, development, integration and networking.
Our project aims to connect mining or ex- mining towns, facing similar issues. Estimated duration of the project is 24 months.
Within the project activities, we are going to create a network of cities and people, sharing similar values and history.
At this stage of the project we would like to develop activities together with partners, taking place in their areas. We do hope, you’ll share with us knowledge of your place and also challenges and opportunities of your town. We wold like to focus on: cuisine (its diversity, mining and industrial ), tourism, European networking, etc. We are also open to your ideas and suggestions. At each location, we’ll take a look into good practices, remains of industrial heritage and hopefully bringing up stories of the people (miners particularly) who lived and experienced industrial/mining way of life. We would like to take care of material and intangible industrial heritage.
Stories of the people, connected to the past or future, could be presented in an innovative and foremost your own way. You are kindly asked to present or translate stories in English language due to public accessibility and wider audience (general public).
Within the project, we’d like to cover the following priorities of the programme: fostering EU Citizenship, active participation, networking, solidarity and thinking Future Europe.

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