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Created on 04 Apr 2016
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Looking for Partnership

Potential research partners for European funded projects especially H2020 and INTERREG. Our expertise can be applied to offshore renewable energy sector including Wind, Tidal and Wave energy. Our expertise can be described in 4 main themes.

  • Framing – Regulations, Policy, Law and Economics
  • Monitoring – Environmental Impact, Monitoring, Mitigation Strategies
  • Deploying – Design, Fabrication and Installation – Foundations, substructures, Geotechnics, Concrete, Structural
  • Managing – Operations & Maintenance, Asset Management

We are particularly interested in the Upcoming H2020 calls

LCE-7-2017 Wind energy - Reduction of environmental imoact of wind energy

LCE-13-2016 Solutions for reduced maintenance, increase4d reliability and extended life-time of wind turbines/farms

LCE-14-2017 Demonstration of large >10MW wind turbines

LCE -15-2016 Scaling up in the ocean energy sector to arrays.

We would be interested in identifying potential consortium interested in these calls.

 Marine and Coast
 Enterprise and Industry
 Low-Carbon Technology
 Renewable Energy

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