Interested in a Partnership (Nutrition and Diagnostics Conference)

Created on 08 Apr 2016
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Nutrition and Diagnostics Conference

Research Institute


Looking for Partnership

We also take this opportunity to inform you that we are currently seeking partners for research projects and looking for some possible funded research cooperation.

In case you are working on a project in which we could join, we would be very glad to cooperate. We are able to provide equipped premises for research. We count with an analytical laboratory (Institute of Nutrition and Diagnostics, Pardubice) where we can perform the following type of analysis:
•Separation of complex mixtures
•Analysis of high-molecular substances, less volatile and thermally labile compounds in biochemistry, polymer chemistry, pharmacy and food industry
•Analysis of low molecular weight and polar compounds, including most drugs, biochemical compounds and other substances used in humans

 Food Safety
 Medical equipment

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