Interested in a Partnership (Grupo Èrre)

1 month ago

Grupo Èrre

Consulting Agency


Looking for Partnership

Looking for Lead Partner

We are looking for cooperation that may help us extend our international reach and improve standing relations with other countries around the globe.
We are looking for technical cooperation, outsourcing agreements and even research and development.

Our main areas of interest are:

Sustainable Energy, Design, Geography, Environmental Studies, Mobility, GIS, FTTH Solutions, Tourism, Augmented Reality, Urbanism and Strategical Planning, Editorial, Branding, Apps, Marketing, Image and Video, WebDesign, Data Centers, Virtualization and Servers

 Low-Carbon Economy
 Energy Efficiency
 Intelligent Energy
 Natural Resources
 Renewable Energy
 Sustainable Tourism
 Graphic design
 International Relations

Looking for a partnership?
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