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Created on 08 Apr 2016
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It is envisaged that the company be sold on the world market as a manufacturer of innovative solutions ( REMAZ ) associated with a change in the traditional vehicles for new, more efficient , greener and safer transport. Company " G -ka 1 " Ltd. intends to be an active participant in this transport revolution , and enter a mature market vehicles imposes its innovative products ( electric car " G -Ka " and power plant " G - KA1 ") as and to present their research results and knowledge. Our primary goal in developing the projects is to achieve better performance compared with emerging electric vehicles and more efficient use of hybrid renewable energy . With the integration of our innovative module aim of reducing energy consumption by energy consumers , more efficient use of new technologies for alternative energy and high efficiency in energy recovery .

 Smart Cities
 Innovation & Research
 Automotive Industries
 Clean Transport
 Cross-border cooperation
 EU Macro-Regional strategies

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