Interested in a Partnership (Constantin VILCU): RD&I network - "Smart devices & ICT systems for a sustainable agriculture"

2 months ago

Constantin VILCU

Research Institute


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I intend to create a partnership in an EU cooperation project. A multidisciplinary partnership in which the partners' focus can be: sustainable agriculture; protection of the aquatic environment; small vessels and aquatic drones; IT and communications. We want to establish a transnational, multidisciplinary RD&I network regarding "Smart devices & ICT systems for a sustainable agriculture - SDSA". Why do we want to develop a multidisciplinary network of RD&I entities? Regardless of time and the idea launched, I want to be able to achieve at any time the optimal consortium for the new transnational calls that are being launched. When an idea that can be materialized appears, we initially process it in our RD&I network. The pre-proposal of the project thus launched in an appropriate Call will have greater chances of success for financing. Of course, there are inherent problems with data security and / or copyright. They can be solved from the beginning through trust, transparency and seriousness. The other things are done along the way, on the go.

 Environmental protection
 IT Applications
 Innovation & Research

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