Interested in a Partnership (Camelia Florela Voinea)

Created on 15 May 2016
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Camelia Florela Voinea



Looking for Lead Partner

Looking for Consultant

There is a solid background for an Eastern European Consortium. This background has been created in 2012 when the partners in this Consortium have been included in the Eastern European Exploratory Project PNII-IDEI/WE_PN-II-ID-WE-2012-4-046/2012 funded by UEFISCDI, a Romanian research funding institution. This Consortium includes several universities from the European countries (both EU member and non-member countries). Requirements for joining this Consortium:
1. expertise in political culture, policy complexity, and polity
2. expertise in computational and agent-based modelling and simulation methodologies & technologies
3. human resource capacity to get involved in long-term research projects

 Europe for Citizens
 European Politics
 Partnership Management
 Policy Evaluation and Governance

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