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YOU TRACE,  has developed a website and an app for offering the complete traceability of Italian agri-food products, focusing on two product categories: olive oil and wine.
This idea stems because the standardization of the food production can’t explain the complete vision of the quality of the product and the information reported is too often vague about the product country and processing processes.
You Trace Srl was founded to combine information transparency, product traceability and new technologies, in order to raise awareness about food producer and history product and to create an identity card of purchased products.
The food identification is possible thanks to a QR code and an identification code stamp on the label, which will report on the electronic device each information required about the product to buy (plant place, laboratories, producer history…). The service is available all day h24 for all consumers on smartphone and tablet. (Ios – Android).

You Trace intends to submit 2 different projects under the following CALLS FOR PROPOSAL:

  • H2020–SFS–2018–2020, CE-SFS-24-2019, Innovative and citizen-driven food system approaches in cities. (Deadline 23/01/2019)
  • H2020-SFS-2018-2020, SFS-37-2019, Integrated approaches to food safety controls across the food chain. (Deadline 23/01/2019)

We are looking for:

- Agri-Food Producers who, as leader, want to present projects with the intent of developing and growing their own products;

- Partners / Leads interested in Food Security, Product Traceability, Information Transparency, Consumer Rights, Sustainability,

According to this, we can support them at technological level, in the protection and recognition of the entire production chain, enhancing the product and the producer in terms of quality, reducing the possible counterfeiting, sharing if available our know-how.

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