Improving Urban Sanitation through a market based approach in Uganda

Created on 08 Jun 2016
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In Uganda and especially Mbarara City 85% of the Urban public and private sanitation facilities (toilets) are not connected to the national water and sewage sewer system due to limited space as the population expands, the toilets get full with people left with no alternative places of convinience. this has resulted into disease outbreacks like cholera,diarrhae as well as degradation of the environment and this mostly affects women and children who cnnot have money for treatment once sick.

this project proposes adoption of technologies to offer urban waste water management through pit-emptying, fecal sludge management and reuse and toilet construction within the slum settlemnet.

the project component include

component 1 sanitation influstracture

component 2 sanitation demand creation and hygien creation 

component 3 fecal sludge management system (pit-emptying)

component 4 Safe reuse

we are looking for partners and possibles funding to implement this project

 Waste Management
 Environmental protection

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