Improving the quality of gluten-free bread with new sources of protein

Created on 08 Apr 2016
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The aims of this project are the introduction of new, high-quality, nutritionally balanced and cheap gluten-free products (foodstuffs) into a factory production and their commercialization. The main idea of development of these novel improved gluten-free products is in improving the quality of life of patients with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and allergy, and other persons susceptible to gluten. These disorders have a high social relevance in view of their high (and still increasing) incidence in our population. The gluten-free foodstuffs are not only the source of nutrients but also represent the only rational, livelong therapy of these disorders. The domestic production of commercially available, high-quality and cheap gluten-free foodstuffs is currently still limited. The core purpose of the project is to define high-quality, nutritionally suitable, gluten-free sources for substitution of gluten-containing food components. The implementation of this project will establish a rational basis for improving the quality of gluten-free foodstuffs. For innovation of gluten-free food we shall introduce highly nutritious legumes in food industry that are not yet commonly used as the sources of protein. An integral part of our project is to analyze the possibilities and the introduction of new technological approaches for the production of gluten-free foods. Special emphasis in our study will be placed not only on food quality and taste but also on its health safety, particularly in relation to the newly exploited foodstuff sources. From this perspective, we will test the antigenic properties of gluten-free foodstuffs and raw materials to prevent allergenic reactions after their ingestion.

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