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The artistic formation has become, today, as indispensable; both personally and professionally.

And, more specifically, the Photography. It has always been a plastic art of great access and, more recently, with the popularization of cameras and smart mobiles.

That easy access calls learning for. Because, it's not enough to press a button to transmit knowledge, feeling, to tell a story through an image. It is necessary to acquire a minimum of training about lighting, composition, know the works of photographers and, of course, receive the opinion, help and advice of experienced photographers. Nowadays, it may seem that this point is much easier with social networks, where the "I like" reigns at sharing images. But, a minimal observation leads us to the conclusion that they are not appropriate advice in an environment where many images receive praise when it should not be so because of the huge technical errors that are perceived

Therefore, it’s necessary to start a procedure that leads to a correct guide of photographic aid. And nothing better than a better use of ICT to do it.

A technological platform that entails training and mentoring is the ideal tool to train the lovers of photography in this eternal art.


To study the best practices at European level on the sector of the photographic formation and to determine the structure of a suitable formation.

Based on the established structure, develop a pilot course, consisting of three or four modules.

Since the training would be done on-line, transform the course to Scorm for a correct implementation in the platform.

Design of collaborative platforms: one of teletraining, which would be done in Moodle. Another, to share photos and carry out the process of tutoring that would be done in Wordpress with the appropriate plugins.

Dissemination and delivery of a pilot course and photographic tutorials. Wordpress would be well structured to offer, in addition, a virtual exhibition with the photographic works of the students participating in the project.


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