Green deal area 4: Energy and resource efficient buildings

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Energy and resource efficient buildings • The construction and renovation of buildings, together with their use and operation, consumes significant amounts of energy as well as mineral resources. In total, buildings account for 40% of all energy consumed. By contrast, the annual renovation rate of the EU’s building stock hovers around only across Member States; it will have to at least double to reach the EU’s energy and climate objectives. Renovating and retrofitting social housing, schools and hospitals is particularly important, as it could free up more financing for education and public health, as well as for supporting households that cannot afford all their energy needs.

• Building and renovating in an energy and resource efficient way:

- smart filter systems with COVs removal and sterilizing abilities 

– Heat storage systems water tank improved with phase change materials

– Active building envelopes improved with phase change materials

– Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of proposed renovation strategies 

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