Gamification and transversal skills

Created on 01 Aug 2016

ARAS - Romanian Association Against-AIDS Timisoara Branch

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In 2010 ARAS has added another layer to its social services  - work reintegration. Since then is implementing at national level projects cofunded by the European Social Fund and the Romanian Government through the Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development.

Key challenges of passing  from medical and social services to socio-professional integration of vulnerable groups

The projects main indicators regarded vocational qualification and the employment of persons from vulnerable groups (homeless people, drug users, persons involved in prostitution, people from disadvantaged Roma communities, people living with HIV). It was extremely difficult to convince them to follow a training course (if they had the minimum level of schooling required by law) and to find them a job. There was not a high success rate - unfortunately those who have found a job pretty quickly quit due to discrimination from colleagues and their lack of transversal skills and independent living skills. Problems identified:

  • Low levels of transversal skills: they have problems working in teams, they lack personal motivation, are deficient in terms of personal organization and time management, verbal communication, personal empowerment and development and cannot use computers and technology ;
  • Low levels of interpersonal skills: non-verbal communication, listening, manners, problem solving, social awareness, self-management and emotional intelligence, responsibility and accountability. Also they have problems with the self-assessment of interpersonal skills.
  • Low self esteem - our career counselors observed how people’s self-esteem and their biographical details influenced their employability attributes.
  • Low level of education - Technical and Vocational Education and Training require a minimum level of schooling by law and many people who drop out do not have access to professional training courses.


  • Extending the use of IT technologies to assess and develop their skills through gamification. Training and career counseling would be perceived as a game, but it would be a serious game.
  • Special programmes which allow activation of the unemployed who needs specific assistance in taking up a job and keeping it.

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