French Secondary Education School Needed for completed KA2 project application concerning Internet Addiction

Created on 12 Dec 2016

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For a prepared KA2 project application under School Education (strategic partnership) we are seeking a French secondary education school, or better school network to particpate. The project is about internet addiction among school children and targets teachers and parents who need to identify and deal with the problem.

Children have their first online experiences at ever younger ages and progressively they increase the time spent on the web. The problem lies with the fact that children have online responsibilities that equal those of adults while they do not possess the skills to deal with those responsibilities. As a result they may be exposed to potential dangers online but do not know how to handle these.

Studies have shown the school children trust their teachers for matters that concern them. So, empower teachers with skills to identify such problems, reach children and initiate a creative dialogue with them about their online experiences and find ways together to reduce screen time (Less screen time, more play).

Both teachers & parents need to:
- Acquire skills for understanding and dealing with the problem. Training material about screen addiction is also needed.
- Pedagogical methodology for reaching children about this issue and helping them open up with regards to their online experiences.
- Tools for facilitating the methodology by helping children understand the problem and open up and engage into a creative dialogue about it with teachers/parents. Games can be a tool. Children will play games in the classroom or at home with their parents. The games will be related to screen addiction. This will help children discuss about the issue at classroom level.

A workshop based methodology with workshops in schools would be designed and the main intellectual output of the project would be a training programe for teachers comprising:
- Curriculum
- ICT tools (mainly games but also tools to support the curriculum, such as the creation of a multimedia course and the execution of the workshop, such as a virtual space/repository providing access to all resources necessary for workshops)
- Pedagogical approach
- Workshop methodology



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