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16 days ago

Konstantin Lidin



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I represent an interdisciplinary research group and propose to discuss the folloing idea:
a feature of the European approach to the production and trade of goods (B2C) is an attentive attitude to the individual tastes and preferences of each consumer. On the contrary, the Asian approach is focused on a standard, mass consumer and takes little into account his/her individuality. A personal approach to the consumer in the strategic plan is the main competitive advantage of European production-trade clusters.
The proposed project will include the following steps:
- An  e-markets intelligence of the diverse kind of goods. Preliminary data show that the “Asian” approach to consumer is currently prevailing in this area;
- development of human-mashin interaction software to determine the individual tastes and preferences of each consumer in the electronic markets;
- dissemination of information about these software tools and the involvement of European SMEs in their use. It should be effective to organize (electronic) seminars for learning of SME leaders on using an individual approach to consumers.
Our group is ready to take full volume of the economic, psychological and software content of the project, but we will need help in areas of business management and enterpreneurship.

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