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4 years ago

David Półrolniczak



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Continuous complementarity of humanistic and scientific minds creates more human technologies, closer to man.

Parents want to be sure that their children after graduation will have a job. Students want to be sure that after graduation they will have a job. Universities need students, grants and scientific cooperation. Companies need new technologies and information about consumer needs, new technologies, and international cooperation. The European Union is keen on integration, cooperation, exchange, long-term relationships, innovation and creativity,and that the financial assistance will be used for the development.

I have a good solution.

Students of different faculties and universities, representatives of different chambers of commerce, coworking space. Teams with specialists in fashion, clothing and textiles production, law, economics, accounting, IT, engineeering, medicine etc. Consulting projects with the on-line network of chambers of commerce and EU programes. Graduates- startups instead unemployed or economic emigrants. New startups, new technological projects for the clothing industy, medicine, army, automotive industry, aerospace industry etc.

EU countries + European cities where are the largest scientific centers and big companies + students from different fields of study and universities + incubator with coworoking space + interdisciplinary teams of students + contact from big company + new technological soulution for  this company + payment and experience (money for startup capital) + graduation and starting startup = success.

Can anyone help mi with this? Together we can create it. Please help.

PS If you like my idea, if you have any suggestions if you would like to advise me if you are able to help me realize it please email me
I do not know many things, I'm still learning new things and I want to be better at what I do. Please help me in this.

Best Regards.


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