ERASMUS+ KA2 Sustainability project, looking for potential partners

9 days ago

We are looking for potential partners for an upcoming proposal for the ERASMUS+ KA2 calls. The proposal will be centered around school education on sustainability. The specific objectives will be:

1. To create an interactive and engaging set of seminars for schools that will teach children and teenagers about sustainability, its practices and opportunities

2 .To organize a year-long sustaiability game among the schools, across multiple countries, where they will be playing in a "Sustainability Championship", with prizes, through various initiatives and actions, as an incentive to actively engage young people to participate in sustainability.

3. Promote sustainability to the rest of the community through schools and young people.

We are looking for NGOs, municipalities, or other public institutions, who are able to do some of the following:

a. Ensure the participation of schools to the project

b. Design a teaching curiculum for different school ages

c. Provide education to local schools through trained staff

d. Be involved in the dissemination or evaluation of the ;


I look forward to hearing from you!

 Social Innovation
 Low-Carbon Economy
 Renewable Energy
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 Education and Training
 Urban Innovative Actions

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