Development of a technology for personalised Animation.

Created on 19 Feb 2016
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ICT-21-2016:Support technology transfer to the creative industries

The personalised animation allows to personalise an animation including text rendered throughout the animation and relative audio.

The company proposing this idea is capable of generating and delivering personalised animation in large quantity, on the order of millions.

The project constists in developing a Cloud SaaS tool to generate the templates for the personal animation.

Example of personal animation will be communications to customer in energy or telecommunications industries, to provide periodic or special communication.

Examples could be onboarding communication for new customers, periodic communication connected to billing, or personal promotions.

Partners sought in the creative industries that will use the tool to generate animations for their customers, since the project aim is to codesign the tool to better adapt it to the needs of the creative industries.

Call deadline 12 April 2016 17:00:00

 Enterprise and Industry
 Digital Economy
 Creative Industries
 Video Production

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