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Created on 09 Apr 2017

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The Idea & the PROGRAM


Youth Exchange, integrating typical and atypical population.


Advanced Study Visit: at Lefkosia, Cyprus 9we can change the dates)

Youth Exchange: to (8 days, Sunday to Sunday)


Age Range:  18-30


Participants:Social Minorities, Typical Population and Deaf or Hard of Hearing Youth. Deaf shall be accompanied by a Sign Language Interpreter. If not deaf, but just, hard of hearing, there is no need of interpreter. The Team Leader is responsible for the communication between the team. Disabled people could also be included after discussion.


The Program concerns the enforcement and development of relations between disabled and normal youth population through activities that are stimulating to the commons rather than the differences of participants in their everyday life.


The youngsters shall be introduced to the common geographical, cultural and social keypoints that make their cooperation more interesting to be established in the frames of quality of life. Their main commons concern


1) geographical ENVIRONMENT & its protection: the participants shall be introduced to the environmental treasures by recreational physical activities and shall discuss about environmental education issues (recycling, energy, climate changes)


2) Social ENVIRONMENT the participants shall visit the old and the new part of each city and shall discuss for differences and social advantages or disadvantages between different GR cities. Finally, they will propose schemes of better inner country social life per city and city network extends.


3) Cultural ENVIRONMENT Participants shall attend seminars concerning basics about local cultural heritage and shall participate in local art events by preparing something concerning their traditions in PERFORMING ARTS. They will also present their food treasures in the introduction meeting.


4) Health and Quality of Life ISSUES Participants shall attend seminars concerning basics about first aids, sociabilities and mental health, democracy ethics and copyright royalties.


ALL of their expectations and outcoming conclusions shall be presented in a symposium concerning social, cultural and geographical inclusion / exclusion of deaf and hard of hearing population in relation to hearing individuals.

 Health Care
 Environmental protection
 Youth Exchanges
 Arts Education
 Culture and Development
 Performing Arts

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