Casale del Rio: a country house for women, children and youth

Created on 16 Apr 2016
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In our work providing services to survivors of sex trafficking, of gender based violence and to the women and youths we serve, one of the challenges we need to resolve is to find a decent job that can help them achieve the coveted autonomy and thus, independence from continuous welfare support. The country house, which we called “Casale del Rio” (River House) because of the river that runs through the property, is at the junction between the three Provinces of Alessandria, Vercelli and Turin and was loaned to our charity for free use. The house, built in the 1700s, soon projected us onto the idea of ​​creating a multi-purpose centre that could offer not only employment possibilities to some of the women and youths served by our charity but also a feasible solution to the difficulty of obtaining funds for our activities, besides also becoming a home for some of the women and youths. A place of peace and serenity, of rest and of exchange, of coexistence and of reflection, of work, of intercultural and intellectual exchange, of openness to the world from a protected and welcoming shell, which could help the women and youths overcome the trauma they have suffered.

The project to transform the country house into a multi-purpose centre includes a hospitality business of the Bread & Breakfast type, catering services providing cuisine typical of the area, combined with the multiethnic value that guests could bring to such cuisine; recreational facilities for the public; conference rooms for seminars and training courses; conversion of the four acres of land, which belongs to the country house to organic farm land and subsequently, the processing and marketing of its products; training courses in organic farming, catering in indigenous local and foreign cuisine and food preservation using local and imported methods. Other activities include sewing and tailoring services and training, artisan training and handmade creations, as well as courses in Italian and English languages, computer science, the promotion of civic education for adults and adolescents, awareness raising and information on the different phenomena related to gender based violence, sex trafficking and exploitation in the context of ;

In all these years, the difficulty has always been that of obtaining sufficient funds to complete and carry out this ; We have done a lot towards renovating the house, but much more still needs to be ;It would be great to create a working group that we can call “Friends of Casale del Rio“, that can identify possible funding ;Our invitation is open to all, because we hope that the Casale del Rio can soon become an open, hospitable place, where everyone can express their skills, and above all, that it can become the place through which every woman, child and youth in difficulty can achieve their personal dreams and aspirations.

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