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The "ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Program 2014-2020" is a multilateral cross-border cooperation program co-financed by the European Union under the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI).

The objective of the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) and the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) are to assist the process of progressing towards “an area of shared prosperity and good neighborliness” between EU Member States and their neighbors.

The General Objective of the ENI CBCMED is to foster fair, equitable and sustainable economic, social and territorial development, which may advance cross-border integration and valorize participating countries’ territories and values. Two Overarching Objectives have been selected, the one which is to Promote economic and social development. According to the socio-economic analysis of the ENI, the entire Mediterranean basin area is affected by a generalized economic slowdown. This has impacted all countries, but with a varying magnitude, and it is challenging macroeconomic stability in the near future. Economic difficulties have been further amplified by the recession in Europe, the area’s most important trading partner.

A breakdown of unemployment by education attainment shows that unemployment tends to increase with schooling in the MPCs, pointing to the fact that skill mismatches do exist between what is required in the labor market and the competencies gained while in the education and training systems.

The project’s overall objective is to strengthen the role of the most disadvantaged in the economy, particularly youths and NEETS (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) severely hit by the crises that have affected the area in recent years, as this is still happening specifically to Greece and Spain. Israel partners of the project demonstrate a great experience on how to develop a healthy and prosperous economy for the disadvantage population while Greece and Spain are most experience in training and education of People with Intellectual Disabilities (PwID) from young to older ages. That way, these target groups will be the leading role of this project. New innovative ideas will be applied while an emerging economy of social cooperatives will create job positions against poverty and unemployment.

The proposed collaboration              

The specific scope of this program is to configure a methodology and edit a “spirit” that will provide meaning to the notion of “provision of marketable skills” for people with disabilities that will respond to their specific needs, expand their abilities and serve their rights to autonomy.

The proposal will present a collaboration between two countries from the EU – Spain (Fundacio Ramon Noguera), Greece (Margarita), and 2 countries from MPC countries, Israel (Shekulo Tov Group) and another MPC country partner (to be joined).

The Idea:

The core idea behind this project proposal is to develop new knowledge exchange and training tools through the implementation of 3 actions focusing on the marketable skills in production/manufacturing, sales and market expertise. So far, 3 partners from 3 different countries, as analytically described below, will develop:

  • Marketable skills in production/manufacturing: Pasta Factory in Spain will pilot during the project implementation.
  • Marketable skills in sales: Points of Sales (POS) in Greece. Margarita will utilize experience gained from the concept and implementation of the Gallery 13m2.
  • Exchange and transfer knowledge in marketable skills both for production/manufacturing and sales: Israel production and sales know-how from already established infrastructures.
  • Pilot production unit and disposition: Development of a small production unit as long as a POS small-scale network in a 4th country that will combine, on a small scale, all the actions that will be developed in Spain, Greece and Israel.

The main outcomes envisaged during the implementation of this proposal are (1) the implementation of innovative actions on marketable skills, (2) capacity building for PwID and the NEETS and (3) develop an extensive VET and methodology framework.

Who are we looking for?

A vocational rehabilitation organization from either Jordan or Palestine, or Egypt, or Tunisia who would be interested to partner with us in developing a joint project, submitting the proposal to ENI CBCMED and executing the project together.

The partner should appoint someone on its behalf to manage the project and coordinate with the other partners.

The partner should be interested in collaborating around a vocational training project in the food industry as long as the development of marketable skills for NEETS using the experience from the other participating countries.

For More Details, please contact Margarita Research and Development Team (Mr. Takis Siabanis, Mr, Kostas Georgiou, Mrs Sofia Karagkouni) at , or telephone at +30 210 6133481 or skype @  

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