CAE Optimization of Solvent Evaporation in Spin Coating and Similar Evaporation Processes

Created on 28 Apr 2016
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What's the situation?

In spin coating processes, which play an important role in the electronic industry, for example in photolitographic manufacturing of silica wavers, it is extremely important to control evaporation processes in order to achieve a high quality product with very uniform film thickness.
However due to the nature of the spin coating process there is a very wide variation of the interaction between the gas phase around the waver and the waver film. In the rotation center the waver has zero velocity relative to the gas phase whereas towards the edge of the waver - depending on the angular velocity - the speed differential can be very high.
Additionally flow patterns can form over spinning plates, similar to the Taylor-Couette flow observed in rotating cylinders. See our homepage for simulation videos.

What is the idea?

We've developed a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Software that simulates phase changes and can therefore be used to simulate the evaporation process in spin coating or similar processes. However the parameters of the solver have not been optimized for this process yet.
We are looking for partner(s) that produce or use spin coating machines or similar techniques, have the capability to conduct tests and are willing to cooperate to develop this advanced CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) process.

What's in it for you?

You profit from our CFD expertise and will be in a unique position to design and use spin coaters with the help of this CAE process. This will speed up your development cycle and enable you to design/operate within narrower tolerances ultimately resulting in better quality products with less waste. This is a completely new approach and will strengthen the competitiveness of the European semiconductor industry.

What's in it for us?

We can provide better service for you ;)

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