Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability of the Territories

Created on 26 May 2017

Bulgarian Sport Fishing Federation

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me it is a great pleasure to explore to you our project idea which aims to ensure that future European maritime areas with their flora and fauna continue to deliver multiple benefits and leave future generations water basins that are well adapted and resilient to natural risks, including the effect of climate change. The fish habitats in Europe  are under increasing threat of destruction through human activities such as farming, aqua-culture, fishing, tourism, marine operations, and real estate development. This loss of habitat carries  with it the loss of critical functions that water  ecosystems provide: support of marine and terrestrial species, water quality, and scenic beauty, to name a few. These losses are large from an ecological standpoint, but they are economically significant as well. Because markets do not easily capture the values of ecosystem services, those who control water resources often do not consider these values when choosing whether to clear habitat to produce goods that can be sold in the marketplace. This market failure leads to excessive habitat destruction. As a result, scientists, policymakers, and other concerned parties from EU countries should seek ways to change economic incentives to correct the  existing problem.

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