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We can imagine the future, make plans on how the world could be. But, it doesn’t make sense if we can not popularize these ideas to truly help people. Our biggest challenge is by far to spread and confront our thoughts to current issues of disadvantaged communities (unemployed, homeless, refugees, etc.). To make the difference, we need to educate disadvantaged communities in order to empower them. To further increase my social impact I am involved BeyondLab which is now in 7 cities. We plan to go global this year. Today, humanity is facing big challenges (global warming, resource depletion, growing inequality, etc.) but still more than ⅔ of the science breakthrough never get applications. Science needs to be opened up to solve things by closing the cultural gap between scientists & entrepreneurs & society. So we organised more than 30 events such as collaborative TEDx-like events. We gathered 1200 around 50 projects in 7 cities. In a typical event, we put together up to 4 projects with 30 attendees during 3h to popularize the content, to face the idea to the reality and highlight the social & business potential of their technologies. Attendees can discover disruptive ideas that they will challenge within small groups.

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Social Innovation
 Sustainable Development
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