"Best practices for sustainable development"- sustainable management of water - Poverty - Reduce inequality - sustainable agriculture - End hunger - food security - access to justice forest - desertification - land degradation - biodiversity - Marine-ecos

Created on 26 Mar 2016

Young Sustainable Development Volunteers Association

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Perform work in the area of regional and local development. In this context, by creating a network between regional and local development initiatives, domestic and international experience in research, prepare policy notes and increase awareness. 


The adoption of sustainable development by understanding the basic concepts and principles and their implementation, in this regard, the development of knowledge and awareness for sustainable development to ensure the development of good practice and lead to the establishment of local administrations to make sure the preparation and implementation of a model project, apply.


In the description of the problems in rural and urban areas in Turkey, Solution-oriented projects and programs about it, and in the development of planning, implementation, and evaluation process by ensuring the active participation of all parties, within the framework of the principle of participation contribute to the development of democracy at the base.


Development approach; the act of passing by the local dynamics, local communities physical, economic, social, cultural and political development in accordance with the principles of sustainable development in the field to make sure

 Food Safety
 Marine and Coast
 Rural Development
 Disadvantaged People
 Culture and Development
 Creative Europe
 EU Macro-Regional strategies

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