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For monitoring of the “health status” of aquatic ecosystems, there is used an increasing diversity of intelligent multi-parameter sensors, which allow the measuring and on-line transmission of recorded values for a series of physicochemical and biological quality indicators, with the scope of increasing the speed of both the evaluation and the intervention if necessary. Today, the floating Stations for supporting the multi-parameter sensors in situ have also been developed to stand up to the specific hydro-meteorological conditions. In this context, the present paper presents a smart Station, with technical features which ensure the instrumentation necessary for working as a floating station for water quality monitoring and the pollution control. Energetically autonomous and adaptable to meteorological conditions with pronounced variations, the floating station can also work with reduced maintenance in isolated locations. For the configuration of the floating system geometry and for its structure optimization, computational techniques have been used. The structure adds novelty in the field of water quality monitoring stations by its versatility. Depending on its equipping, it can be used as a station for both surveillance and investigation monitoring, for all the categories of surface water. More floating stations placed in mesh network in a hydrographical basin subject to monitoring lead to a system of permanent acknowledgement of the ecological status of aquatic environment and are an important factor in taking intervention decisions for warning situations in case of pollution risk.

In the down figure we present the CAD realized for the smart Station, optimized by CAE methods. In the context of this smart Station, autonomy is 100% Renewable Energy which applies to all on-board equipment.

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