APOGEE Auditing PlatfOrm for Global Energy Efficiency

Created on 20 Apr 2016
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The proposed project is focused on the development of an automatic energy auditing system for building and industrial plants, starting from application software (Energy Track & Audit), which is already implemented by the project coordinator, but in need for new algorithms measuring the possible improvements in energy efficiency and estimating the economic/financial parameters of each action.

The main goal is to make the auditing system no longer static, but dynamic, generating a database containing data for energy audits, like BAT (Best Available Technologies), described in reference documents (BREFs). Another important information is connected to the performance indices of various sectors (Environmental Performance Index - EPI). BAT and EPI databases have to be created automatically, constantly updated, so that the evaluation algorithms, parameterised as a function of these update data, can present the best economic and technical solution.

Therefore, if an intervention on energy saving is initially too expensive for the company, with the evolution of certain techniques, it may become feasible at a later date and can be proposed in the audit. The advantage is to make easier and immediate the energy auditing, with a wide and updated range of techniques and benchmarks. Furthermore, this knowledge base is wider than the human knowledge, less sectoral, and including different cases and solutions that go beyond the experience of a single professional expert.

The partners sought are (neither Italian nor French) belonging to one of the following categories:

- ESCO (Energy Service COmpany) or facility manager companies for assessing the audits;

- Trade Associations to help define EPI (KPI), BAT, methods and then validate it among their own members;

- Industries/Companies to evaluate ETA on their own systems;

- Research bodies specialised in energy efficiency measures;

- Public Authority for the audit validation.

The call is FTI Pilot whose deadline is on June 1st, 2016.

 Enterprise and Industry
 Energy Efficiency
 Intelligent Energy

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