A swarm of multirotor UAVs for surveys in poor GPS/GNSS wild areas

Created on 12 Oct 2016

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Monitoring of wide wild natural areas sometimes is really important for natural preservation purposes so as for developing surveys where no manned terrestrial vehicles are allowed. Unmanned vehicles are precious means to discover and collect data in these peculiar situations, but loss of GPS/GNSS signal can make this strategy sterile and hard to be practised. Giving specific roles to the diverse aerial components of the swarm, a sort of hierarchy can be created in which a master UAV rules in case of loss of GPS/GNSS providing information about position and orientation to the rest of the swarm. A kind of flying temporary signal source for the continuity of the survey process is established in this way.
Relevant applications in wild natural areas still existent in some parts of the world and in extremely dangerous regions can be thought also thanks to the exploitation of long range transmission solution for drones.

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