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Yrkesfag på internasjonale veier
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Rauma Videregåense skole wants to send 10 students with vocational background on internship to London. One teacher will follow the group. In essence, this is intended to be conducted with students from VG 2 childcare and youth work and VG 2 health workers. It may be necessary to fill some of the quota with students from VG 2 chef and waiter, if the number of students from Health and youth development in the autumn 2015 is lower than expected. The school will work with ADC College which organizes the stay from arrival to departure London. Criteria we will use to choose students will be academic interest, attitude, behavior and languageskills. Information to parents, colleagues, students and partners will be given in good time before departure. Special focus will be devoted to security and what obligations the students have as representatives for their country and school. The reason for this application: We want to recruit more students into subjects that in recent years has struggled with the number of pupils in school and not least in the profession later. We see internationalization as a motivating factor in an otherwise demanding school day. The goal is to challenge students on the professional level and personal sides of themselves. To travel together, experience together, try themselves in a new situation, be challenged on language and academic activities, will hopefully give students an experience they can use in a vocational career later in life aswell as in school. More impressions and more knowledge provides greater opportunity for reflection. The students normally get to know the Norwegian health care and educationsystem through internships locally in Norway. Maybe the picture becomes a bit oversimplified when there is nothing to compare with. We hope to give the student an insight into another country's health and educationsystem and employment. The cultural differences will be topics the students will be working with before, during and through the evaluationprocess afterwards. Students will during the period stay with host families and this is a different and challenging situation in itself. How we behave in someone else's home, what they eat, what rules they have and why and how to communicate. This will put students to the test, and put their own lives in Norway in perspective. Students will be placed in schools, kindergartens and health institutions (possibly Restaurant / hotel). This will test their language skills and professionall knowledge. Communication may be challenging. Therefore, we will have a week language training before deployment happens. We hope that the training will give the students an extra confidence in communicating in English. ADC College will conduct the language training. We hope that the students are left with a broader understanding of labor across borders. We also hope that they have had a personal development in the period they are in London, linguistically and socially. Hopefully they have got positive experiences they will share with others students, friends and potentially new students. Rauma VGS want to use students' experiences and reflections in efforts to promote subjects attending. We look at digital media and oral / written presentations as a tool for this. The school will in the wake of the deployment have experiences in the staff that can motivate others vocational studies to think internationally. Tutors who participate will have acquired knowledge that can be shared with others and used in everyday teaching.

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