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Start date: 01 Sep 2013,

Successful European integration necessitates adequate process of communication as well as the emergence of a public sphere that will allow citizens to get involved in public discussions about European politics. The dominant communication problem of the European Union is that a pan-European political communication system does not exist. Both the media and the political sub-systems of the political communication system are operating at the national rather at the EU level. The overall campaign for European Elections is predominantly domestic in character. At the same time the economic crisis is transformed into a crisis of unity thus fuelling a process of de-Europeanization. This programme will have as focal point young aged 16-18 years old, upper secondary students, which will be first voters in 2014 European Parliament’s elections. Stressing the importance of the EU in the young voters constructing educational activities that would function as integrated experience will allow models of diffusion of “innovation” (innovative ways to perceive EU and to understand its role and impact) to be tested and to be enacted at the same time. The duality of the project to inform teachers and students on EU issues and to give incentive to youngsters to become active EU citizens, serves as a supplement in our main objective to deepen teachers’ EU knowledge and prepare the young students, the future EU citizens, to obtain skills and knowledge for living in the European environment. The specific objectives of the project, are: a) to inform society focusing on the first voters on EU elections and raise awareness on EU integration issues b) to create a network platform, making the voices of young people sound on EU issues c) to provide online tools developed to address the needs of youngsters in order to assist them better understand EU and its core policies and values d) to create journalist stories that reflect directly the opinion of the future EU citizens
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