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Young europe meets latin america
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

Objectives: To create an international partnership network which exchanges experiences in the field ofyouth work and non-formal education and fosters cooperative and global learning among youth workers and younġ~people"m order to strengthen youth structures, active citizenship and democracy. To mobilise young people and to raise their awareness for the three global issues: child/youth poverty, migration and climate change through awareness-raising seminars in each country.Activities: Implementing an Opening Symposium where youth workers and national project coordinatorsmeet the first time in order to initiate the start up of the international partnership network, to work on a detailed work plan for the national awareness-raising seminars and to exchange experiences and know-how in intercultural workshops based on cooperative and global learning. Development of a partnership network of youth workers, young people, youth organisations, educational institutions and public actors in order to exchange experiences in the field of youth work and non-formal education. Awareness-raising seminars (on the 3 global issues) for young people implemented by youth workers in all participating countries. Awareness-raising campaigns designed and developed by young people on the 3 global issues in each country. A Final Conference in Vienna where young people from Europe and Latin America will work on a common Global Social Agenda.Venues: An Opening Symposium will take place in El Salvador, a Final Conference in Austria. Awareness-raising seminars will be hold in all participating countries.Number of participants: 300 (awareness-raising seminars), 25 (Opening Symposium), 50 (FinalConference)Concise description of the outputs: Youth workers exchange their know-how and experiences on theOpening Symposium. The working papers on the 3 global issues build the basis for the awareness-raising seminars for young p'eople. In each country one awareness-raising seminar on each global issue will take place. The outcome of the seminars: Young people discuss and work on concrete proposals and awareness campaigns for solving these issues. Three awareness-raising campaigns will be developed in each country. They will be presented at the Final Conference.Dissemination strategy: Youth workers act as multipliers through awareness-raising seminars. Youngpeople act as multipliers among their respective environments through awareness-raising campaigns and pass on their views, ideas and proposals on the 3 global issues. A common е-platform will constitute the common communication platform for the structures dialogue. On the Final Conference the outputs of the project will be presented to the public and responsible stakeholders.Impact envisaged: Through the awareness-raising seminars youth workers sensitise young people for the 3global issues and support them in implementing awareness-raising campaigns on their own. Young people get empowered and deal with the global issues in a non-formal context
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