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The main objective of our project is to develop the knowledge and understanding of the diversity of European cultures among young people and educational staff. All activities mentioned in the following passage will refer to this main objective.Pupils will start by dealing with their own cultural and historical heritage (description of own person and own home, everyday life at school, school’s description, traditions, special places, topography, infra-structures, social and cultural events during the year, economic development, industry,....) They collect informations by interviewing their (grand-)parents, selected people from their area and the local mayor, by leading through field studies in their home town, taking pictures of interesting places, looking for detail information in encyclopedias, in the commune’s homepage, in the world wide web. They produce posters, essays, drawings, letters, cd-roms and exchange it by mail and e-mail every second month with the partner schools. One of the first concrete results of the project work will be booklets made by all partners containing written descriptions and drawings and pictures from special places in their home area and an internet story concerning a special day in kids‘ life in all four countries and in all four languages. Besides all project teachers send regular documentations of project work (text and pictures) to the Portuguese colleague, who will install a special website for „You+Me=Us“. At the end of the first year each school will install a public exhibition and present their project results, the project’s website and the sent material from other schools to their class mates, to other classes at school, to parents and at least to the public. In the second year pupils will learn about the social and economic life and the social and economic infrastructures in their home town. They will visit institutions like the commune hall, the home for retired people, cultural centre, kindergarden, day nursery,

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