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Vodenje evropskih sodelovalnih projektov
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The content of the seminar attracted attention of our teachers in our school, because it offered interesting topics and an opportunity for training for the acquisition of European projects, their application ect. At this seminar we will gain new knowledge and information about the projects and workshops, also learn how to put a theory into practice.In the future, knowledge of the European projects would be passed on to school level and in the case of acquisitions and approve-realization of projects within the framework of Erasmus +, the collective or project team, which would be founded in our school, will be trying as good as possible to implement the European content of the approved project, on which our school would apply. Particularly, the emphasis would be on the exchange and mobility of teachers, including also the student exchanges, which would be very welcome. With these activities and mobility our school would gain better European educational space, opportunities for cooperation, exchange of experience and knowledge, developing intercultural and communication competencies of employees and students. This will increase the reputation of the school in domestic and international environment. More teachers will cope the project management, which will enable the derivation of school quality and international projects. The school will gain new contacts that will be useful to derive the desired exchanges of teachers and students. Connections with other European schools will allow our teachers and students to be competitive in Europe.Knowledge and skills to be acquired in the field of project management will be included into the work with students and collaboration with other colleagues. Newly acquired intercultural skills they can use at schoolwork with students from other countries, to better understand their cultures and providing more support for integration into our environment.Cooperation with the newly acquired partners enable students to develop language and communication abilities, raising awareness of belonging to the European union, a better understanding of their own space, the development of tolerance and acceptance of others, the promotion of mutual understanding and meetings with students from other backgrounds, to build the capacity of team work in international teams and preparing for the requirements of the European labor market.Content and objectives of the seminar will be presented to collective, students, parents and the school council. Activities, that would implement the acquired knowledge in school space, will be conferences, assets, classroom hours, and also the publication in school newspaper and school website.We expect that participants in Erasmus + training courses will upgrade their communication skills in English, intercultural competences, abilities of management of international projects, which will encourage further activities and participation in the Erasmus + projects. They will also gain the confidence to communicate with colleagues across Europe and cooperation with them.
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