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"Un espacio para la convivencia"
Start date: Jun 30, 2016, End date: Jun 29, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is completely aware of the numerous changes that European society is living in education and human relationships for the last few years. The necessity of preserving cultural, linguistic or racial diversity is a phenomenon gaining importance as European youth mobilities are increasing, business relationships between UE countries are becoming more and more necessary or as many refugees are arriving in Europe.On the other hand, 21st century schools are seeing how bullying situations or abusive behaviours between students are increasing. They also know about family or extracurricular abuses. In addition, the number of children at risk of particular family situations or economic exclusion is increasing in our country, mainly after the recession we have lived recently.Because of this reason our project contemplates the following objectives as a challenge:* FAVOURING TOLERANCE AND DIVERSITY: stopping all behaviours that try to slow down the good atmosphere at classrooms, by teaching in respecting diversity and difference from very young learners and by encouraging respect to each other as it is a universal right for all and each one of children.* PREVENTING BULLYING: avoiding bullying situations by teaching in communicational skills, dialogue, listening, and empathy or emotional intelligence from very young learners. If no prevention is possible, trying to solve bullying situations in a quick and efficient way, without becoming them more serious or difficult to be solved.* WORKING FOR AN INCLUSIVE SCHOOL: putting into practice some series of actions at classrooms, playgrounds, talks for parents, etc. – therefore, not only teachers but all educational community will be involved in it -, that help us to work for coexistence and peace. Families will be also involved in order to get that future women and men move in tolerance and respect spaces as well as dare to create the aforesaid space.* TEACHING IN A SUITABLE MANAGEMENT OF SOCIAL NETWORKS: as many cases in bullying are produced through electronic devices and social networks, teaching in the responsible use of these devices and platforms is advisable. It doesn´t have anything to do with forbidding their use, as the education future is linked to them, but warning about their consequences because of a wrong use.Therefore, it is important that the Administration of our School can be trained in all these aspects thanks to experts in courses or schools already working for coexistence at classrooms. All the suggested mobilities as well as the possible contacts with other schools have to provide us the necessary material to carry on progressing in our work regarding happy students with a suitable environment for their study and growth as good people.The selected teachers have curiosity in working in a responsible way for their students’ better future. They are very respectful and aware of their work at classrooms if we want to build a diverse and tolerant Europe, where peace is the basis of all its inhabitants’ integration. Taking into account many important things such as Human Rights, our school stands up for teachers who know their important role at classrooms and who transmit it to their teaching colleagues in this way.TRAINING of some has to be useful for INSPIRATION to the rest, so that the project’s impact will be seen at our school, as we have done in previous ones. It will be transmitted in seminars,training conferences, and talks with all the educational community. We are sure that all this will yield results in long and short term.All in all, Sant Roc School’s goal is working for a better and more respectful society with its fellow men and in favour of peace.

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